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The world is a real jungle. We evolved from the monkey to the human. We are smart, we can solve all of your communication problems, we can make every idea come to life, we can help you with your brand.

Although if we are evolved we kept our animality, our sixth sense. We are beasts, to survive we are always on alert, ready to answer to any kind of offer, always at the forefront of technology and graphic design. If you are from the same species like as us, of course we will help you and we will never let you down.


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Welcome on our hunting board, even if it‘s just a glimpse of it

Meet the Beasts

Motion Designer

Deer, after a migration in Australia where he worked for companies like Universal or Accor came back to his homeland as a CG artist, and motion designer for TV show, ads...

Graphic Designer

Bear used to work as a graphic designer for booze in Paris, we mean brands for champagne, rhum… In fact he is more into honey, graphic stuff and especially sneakers!

Let's Ride Together